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I’m having a Haikyuu!! phone charm giveaway

The rules: Only reblogs count as an entry, not likes. You don’t have to follow me. You can reblog once a day. The giveaway ends one week from today, Wednesday, October 8th at 11:59 PM.

The prize: One of each of the phone charms. They can be purchased on my storenvy as well. If you purchase any of them before the end of the giveaway, but end up winning I will refund your money.

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So ? isn't it exhilarating ?
those are your teammates heartfelt compliments for you
( Miyuki to Furuya ch48 )

This is always just so amazingly powerful, and well worth the re-reblog.

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Animator: ●Yutaka Nakamura//●Bahi JD
アニメーター: ●中村 豊 //●バヒ・JD

Space Dandy #26.スペース☆ダンディ


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vincent van gogh: pls buy my paintings

person: lol no thanks

vincent van gogh: 


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Um ok so!! Give away time!! Thanks for 2500+! I’ve been supposed to do this forever and here I am finally! Thank you so much for following me and liking my art. I’ve been having this blog for around 3 years now. Because of this blog I made a lot of great friends who have encouraged me to keep drawing, and without these people I would have already given up many times! Thank you once more! Also..if I made commissions (a bit like shown above) would someone be interested..? man, I need money

+reblog as many times as you want.
+You don’t have to be following me.
+I’ll choose the winner randomly after 1 week. That means next wednesday on 1.10 is the last day to reblog!
+1st place gets a painted waist up of a character of their choice. OC’s are fine, but don’t request art of real people (actors for example) or furries  I can’t draw them.  1st place also gets a pixel, same as 2nd place.
+I’ll make a post announcing the winners on that day and send them an ask!

Good luck!

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Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much


I need this baaaddddd!!!

i didnt even need to think things through

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So in highschool I took ornamental horticulture- and I’ve always been fond of symbolism used in flowers- from what i could tell in Zankyo’s final episode, Shibazaki brings 9 and 12 flowers- from what i could make out:

  • Pink roses- Appreciation/gratitude
  • White unbloomed Lilies- Purity
  • Blue Forget-me-nots- Do Not forget me. White Chrysanthenums- Funerary flower/Joy/optimism
  • Yellow Buttercups- “The legend is that a coyote was tossing his eyes up in the air and catching them again when an eagle snatched them. Unable to see, coyote made eyes from the buttercup.” or Childish

These flowers were most likely chosen carefully in consideration. Shibazaki initially felt threatened and angry at the two youths- but after learning their methods, their personalities- and mission- he felt a stronger connection..

zankyou-no-analyze zankyou-no-terror zankyou-no-takatsu

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"Just you wait…I’ll be part of Mario Kart 8 DLC…"

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that’s it that’s the whole series

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height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑)

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Kakeru: hey, do you know what “wall bump” is?
Naho: I don’t know…
Kakeru: I heard it’s something boys do to girls that makes their heart race
Kakeru: I think it’s done like this
Naho: y-you’re right. My heart is racing…
Kakeru: s-so it’s true


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